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Elements of Melancholic Landscape

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Bounded by a Box

A cut edge or a bounding box around a relief map creates cross-sectional profiles through the topography. The edges give additional reference points in visualising the lie of the land and for comparing relative distance, elevation and gradient. Sources and … Continue reading

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Layered Landscapes

Images suspended on layers of glass or transparent plastic sheet to represent three-dimensional objects or landscapes. Sources and further information

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Dioramas – the edge of the world, the end of the world and the time before

Before After The beginning of the world A world in a world The edge of the world

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Every Twenty Paces

Shoreham Fort

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The Hidden Half-Round

John Grade has been artist in residence at L’H du Siège, Valenciennes, France for the past three months during which time he has made two interrelated works that are now on show until 19 February, 2011. La Chasse (The Hunt), is … Continue reading

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Aerial Viewing

When a photograph becomes a map, when a map becomes a model. Sources: annotated photograph, aerial map, artist map, model landscape.

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The Affected Area

I am researching examples of how geographical areas of interest or exclusion are illustrated in fiction by a drawn line on a map. In John Wyndham’s science fiction novel, The Midwich Cuckoos, 1957,  (later filmed as The Village of the … Continue reading

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The Sun Rises on a Changed World

Day to night narratives grant the opportunity for other transformations. Lit by artificial or other means the components of night landscapes gain emphasis and meaning. Scenes played out under the cover of night are revealed at daybreak. The sun rises … Continue reading

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Map Room – Black Rain

I am working on the storyboard for a new animation. It will be the second in a series of video installations that show the animated drawing of landscape maps featured in popular works of fiction. It is based on the … Continue reading

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