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Faux Bois, Fundação Serralves, Porto

A faux bois dovecote in the gardens of Fundação Serralves in Porto, Portugal.

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Elements of Melancholic Landscape

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Bounded by a Box

A cut edge or a bounding box around a relief map creates cross-sectional profiles through the topography. The edges give additional reference points in visualising the lie of the land and for comparing relative distance, elevation and gradient. Sources and … Continue reading

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Layered Landscapes

Images suspended on layers of glass or transparent plastic sheet to represent three-dimensional objects or landscapes. Sources and further information

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Dioramas – the edge of the world, the end of the world and the time before

Before After The beginning of the world A world in a world The edge of the world

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Every Twenty Paces

Shoreham Fort

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Prefab Roof

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