Map Room – Black Rain

I am working on the storyboard for a new animation. It will be the second in a series of video installations that show the animated drawing of landscape maps featured in popular works of fiction. It is based on the map of Lincoln Island from the novel Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. The novel concludes with the destruction of the island in a volcanic explosion.

Key frames –

1. Smoke begins to appear in the crater.
2. A cloud rises and starts to develop form.
3. It darkens and spreads.
4. Growing in size it closes in.
5. Engulfing the field of vision.
6. Billowing, mountains and deep ravines appear in its folds.
7. Vertigo.
8. Greying and flattening.
9. The cloud thins.
10. To reveal the island has disappeared.
11. Apart from a small rock.
12. Black rain begins to fall.
13. Spotting the blank map.
14. And forming blots.
15. And inky puddles.
16. That flow into shallow pools.
17. That deepen and flood.
18. Until all is black and still.
19. An abyss revealed in dark shadows.
20. Deep movements bring suspensions to the surface.
21. Forming a pearlescent oily slick,
22. On saturated paper.
23. That fades to a stain at it’s edges.
24. Revealing the island in the marks of a retreating tide

Other Jules Verne maps can be found here.

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