Scenic City

Palmeira Square camouflaged base station

Camouflaged mobile phone base station components, ref: 23313, Palmeira Square, Hove. Source: Google Street View.

The proliferation of mobile phone base station equipment in cities and in the open landscape has given rise to a new form of scenic art dedicated to reducing visual impact by disguise.

Planning guidance on the siting and design of equipment has led operators to employ stage painting and set building techniques to blend apparatus into the landscape.

Industrial scenic art company Scene Unseen offers a bespoke camouflage service and can reproduce a variety of materials including brick, coursed and random stone, slate and ceramic roof tiles, new and aged concrete, pebbledash, render mineralised roofing felt, decorative plaster and lead.

Scene Unseen - Painted antennas & mounts before installation. Clapham, London

Mobile Phone Base Station Finder

Planning Policy Guidance 8: Telecommunications 2006

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