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The Affected Area

I am researching examples of how geographical areas of interest or exclusion are illustrated in fiction by a drawn line on a map. In John Wyndham’s science fiction novel, The Midwich Cuckoos, 1957,  (later filmed as The Village of the … Continue reading

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The Sun Rises on a Changed World

Day to night narratives grant the opportunity for other transformations. Lit by artificial or other means the components of night landscapes gain emphasis and meaning. Scenes played out under the cover of night are revealed at daybreak. The sun rises … Continue reading

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Map Room – Black Rain

I am working on the storyboard for a new animation. It will be the second in a series of video installations that show the animated drawing of landscape maps featured in popular works of fiction. It is based on the … Continue reading

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A Model Village Slideshow

Longmoor Urban Training Complex, Hampshire Himley Hall, West Midlands Xe Services LLC, (formerly Blackwater), North Carolina Copehill Down, F.I.B.U.A. Training Facility, Wiltshire Sennybridge Training Area, Mynydd Epynt

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Scenic City

The proliferation of mobile phone base station equipment in cities and in the open landscape has given rise to a new form of scenic art dedicated to reducing visual impact by disguise. Planning guidance on the siting and design of … Continue reading

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Simulated Sky

I recently visited James Turrell‘s Celestial Vault in Den Haag, the experience of which was close to that of flying or falling through space whilst at the same time being suspended upside down in a bell jar. It got me … Continue reading

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